fee Schedule

Cheap? Inexpensive? Reasonable? Costly?  Make no mistake about it…good work takes more time and more diligence…translation: more cost!

In the end, my charges can be a bargain when reflecting on the gestalt of the project. Firstly:  I give you my best commitment. Secondly: You get the benefit of my experience.  Thirdly:  I do not take “short cuts” or minimize what is necessary to do a good job.

Be that as it may be: I make no apology for charging more than some and possibly less than some.  Value is what value does and you get to choose that parameter.  I do my best to be efficient and my uncharged time is usually generous to a fault.  A daily diary is maintained for all work and most billings include an audit.

Some thoughts about costs and value…

“Someone” has said

“It is wrong to pay too much…but more wrong not to pay enough!”

…and said Abraham Lincoln

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

With that wisdom in mind, it has been my practice to invest time in preparation.   It was learned long ago that no matter how skillful, experienced and committed one might be to the task, the result is much diminished without good preparation, research of facts and a good site review.  Extra time?  Yes!  …and very much worth it.

Current Fee and Cost Schedule 2020

Single Lot Percolation Test – (Multiple lots are discounted)

There is also an ancillary charge of $128.00 to $160.00 for reprographics, topographic maps, office support and correspondence.

Note: Charges for a percolation test does not include the cost of drilling, materials for “observation wells”, monitoring, and  outsourced work such as backhoe excavations, clearing, mowing ,a fire watch or location of existing leach lines , septic tanks or pits.  These will be included in a proposal on a site specific “case by case” so as to plan a budget and not be billed for undisclosed and/or unforseen costs. 

Capacity Tests/ Pit (Vertical Seepage Pits)…pending access, location and discretionary acceptance of project. Costs are “typically “ $ 3100.00 to $ 3400.00 for one pit plus the cost of drilling ( discounted for multiple pits).